Intermediate Lessons

Our intermediate lessons are for riders who can ride all three paces. They are designed for those who want to further their knowledge and understanding and ride to a higher level. At Bigland we have a wide range of horses that can cater for these lessons. This allows us to increase your experience riding a variety of horses that will challenge you in different ways. This will increase your ability. 



Lesson Content

In these lessons, we like to start challenging the rider's learning. They will begin to learn some more complex school movements such as three-loop serpentines and 15m circles. We will look at control the speed within the paces and learn about more control within the paces. We will look at bend and suppleness and identifying canter leads. Whilst learning all of this you will also be given the knowledge of why it is important to develop your understanding.



Why not try our Classical Dressage Club, Wine, and Warmbloods, or Sunday Afternoon Jump Session?




Advanced Flatwork and Jumping Lssons


These group sessions are available all week. Simply register with us and follow the steps to see!

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