Learning to Canter

Canter can be quite nerve-wracking when you first start. It is important that you have a good balance and are confident working with and without stirrups in the trot. Before you are able to ask the horse to canter you need to understand how the horse canters and what the rider needs to do to help the horse in the canter transition. Once you have this basic understanding the next stage is learning to follow the movement and stay in balance with the horse during a canter. 


Group Lessons

We run a range of group lessons during the week and at weekends. These lessons are fun and easy-going, giving a relaxed social environment as you gain your confidence in the canter. You will cover the theory behind achieving the canter and using the canter pace to advance the horse's balance and frame.  Please ring for these


Novice Lessons

Our group novice lessons will help bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate riders. They focus on creating confidence within all three paces and developing a secure and effective position on a range of horses. These lessons are also beneficial to those looking to learn the classical style of riding for example those that would normally ride western. 

Why not try our Sunday Afternoon Pole Session to help develop your skills?

Fell Rides




These group lessons are available all week. Simply register with us and follow the steps to see! 

Develop Skills