Bigland Hall offers a choice of three livery packages tailored to the specific needs of the owner and horse. We pride ourselves on our level of horse welfare, knowledge, and understanding. We welcome any inquiries to see if we can help you with any of your equine needs. 

Working Livery

At Bigland we offer what is called Working Livery. This means that while your horse or pony is stabled at Bigland he can be used in the riding school in lessons and on hacks out.

Your horse will be kept in regular work and fitness throughout the year. His fitness and training will improve through the schooling he will receive. You can still ride him whenever you wish and the Livery bill you will receive will be reduced. 

Your horse will receive all of the haylage that they will need and the stable will be included in the costs. This includes the automatic drinkers and mats. They will receive turnout throughout the year and they will receive daily care including grooming and any medical treatments they may require.


Full Livery

Full Livery at Bigland provides full and complete care and management of your horse while they are in our care. You will have full use of the facilities we have which are as follows: 20x40m indoor school, turnout all year, full-sized stables with rubber matting and automatic drinker, lockable storage for tack and rugs, and lounge area with refreshments. 

The price you pay includes the following: stable provided and cared for, turnout/bring in, full use of facilities, haylage provided, basic hard feed and daily feeds given, changing rugs, tack cleaning, grooming, routine medical treatments, and yard supervision 24/7.

 Lessons are available on site with our highly qualified instructors. Our staff is very helpful and supportive and you will have access to the yards vet and farrier. Massage equipment is also available through arrangement and we have professional riders available to school and train your horse subject to arrangement. 

Schooling Livery

Schooling Livery provides full and complete care and management of your horse during its stay at Bigland Hall. They will also receive training as per the schooling and training plan.

At Bigland we specialize in training, re-schooling, and breaking in horses. The Myers family, who are based at Bigland, have many years of experience in working to improve and develop horses in every area. Through the classical dressage training and groundwork that we do at Bigland, we can work with nearly any horse and rider to progress. We feel it is very important that you are fully involved in each step of the process and we endeavor to sit down and plan the training for each stage with you and update you each step of the way. If we feel changes need to be made to the training plan then you will be contacted first. 

You will also have full access to everything that a full livery owner has access to.

Classsical Dressage Lessons


Full Livery


Working Livery


Schooling Livery


Fell Rides