Tiny tots club is an opportunity for younger children to get introduced to riding where they may not normally get the opportunity, especially at a younger age.

Tiny Tots run every Saturday starting at 10.00. If you have any questions about the club just get in touch with us. 


The session is split into a 15-minute grooming session and a 15-minute riding session. Parents/guardians will have fun too as they will be leading the children whilst they ride! Creating memories that will last with them for a lifetime (I still remember my first time on a pony and I am sure most horse riders do too). They will have an instructor with them at all times and get to meet other children their age that are just as pony-mad! This club is specifically catered for the ages 2-8 years old and is a chance for them to learn all about ponies.


*New session due to popular demand! Sundays at 3.30*

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